Alvin R. Mahrer, Ph.D.

Discoveries & the art of Optimal Experiential Psychotherapy


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The Relativity Of Psychological Things (2018)

Transformation: A Glimpse Into The Future Of How Change Will Come About  (2011)

The Origin Of A Person  (2010)

What Is Psychotherapy For? An Alternative To The Profession Of Psychotherapy (2010)

The Optimal Person  (2009)
The Manual of Optimal Behavior (Aug/2008)

How Psychotherapy Can Become A Science (Dec/2007)

The Deeper Other You  (2007)

The Creation of New Ideas in Psychotherapy (2006)

Supervision of Psychotherapists: The Discovery-Oriented Approach. [2005]

Why Do Research In Psychotherapy?: Introduction To A Revolution[2004] 

Theories Of Truth, Models Of Usefulness [2004] 

The Complete Guide To Experiential Psychotherapy. [1996/re-issue 2004] 

Becoming The Person You Can Become: The Complete Guide To Self-Transformation [2002] 

Dream Work: In Psychotherapy & Self-Change [1990] 

How to do Experiential Psychotherapy: A Manual for Practitioners[1989] 

The Integration of Psychotherapies: A Guide for Practicing Psychotherapists [1989] 

Therapeutic Experiencing: The Process of Change. [1986] 

Psychotherapeutic Change: An Alternative Approach to Meaning & Measurement. [1985] 

Experiential Psychotherapy: Basic Practices [1983] 

Experiencing: A Humanistic Theory of Psychology & Psychiatry. [1978] 

Creative Developments in Psychotherapy [1971] 

New Approaches to Personality Classification. [1970] 

The Goals of Psychotherapy (Editor). [1967]


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